My Story

It was the morning of the operation. I didn’t sleep, I couldn’t, to many thoughts going around in my head. Telling myself this is real, this is happening today, I’m saving my baby but in return his leg has to be taken away and it’s a feeling I can’t explain. Our lives will never go […]

It’s the 1st June the day before the operation and after waiting for a tedious long week to pass (or what its felt like) Oliver is due to go into hospital this afternoon. I feel a mix of emotions, leaving my house knowing when we return Oliver wont have his leg breaks my heart. We left […]

We got to the hospital at around 12pm ready for his pre-op and to talk about the level of amputation. Oliver’s surgeon is away on holiday however, she wants the surgery to be done as soon as possible so has asked her colleague who she thinks very highly of to carry out the surgery. We […]

On the 4th May 2017 we attended an appointment at the children’s hospital in Manchester to see the oncologist. We didn’t really have any idea what this appointment was for until we got there. An oncologist is a doctor that specializes in the treatment of cancer. Even though Oliver’s tumors are benign he needed to […]

On the 13th April I had a call from the surgeon asking us to take Oliver in for an MRI on the 18th April with a follow up appointment the following Tuesday. The surgeon wanted Oliver to go in for a full body MRI and an MRI of the leg. She wanted to see how […]

So it’s now around 5 weeks since we were told the news about Oliver. The first week and half from when we found out was the hardest time, so we decided to have a weekend away in a lovely cottage in Bath to come to terms with the devastating news. Having Oliver’s leg taken away […]

Two weeks later post op, we went up to the children’s hospital to have his dressing changed or so we thought. We were waiting in the room for Oliver to be called. I saw Oliver’s surgeon walk in and she looked at me and smiled, I felt a really strange feeling like something wasn’t right. […]

It was the 20th January and Oliver was going to have surgery on his leg for removal of the tumor behind his knee and two biopsies on his lower tumor. I felt sick to my stomach, my heart was hurting I was so scared and no matter how many people tell you it will be […]

We had seen the surgeon in November and she told us that they think there is a small chance Oliver may have Neurofibromatosis so he needed to be tested by genetics. Neurofibromatosis is a very rare genetic condition that causes tumors to grow along your nerves through out the body. There are three types of […]

We had an appointment through for the 4th October to see the surgeon. She told us that they couldn’t say or do anything until the MRI. They don’t know the severity of the congenital Hamartoma in terms of nerves/blood vessels in his leg and how deep it is. Its not a case of removing it […]

Around 6 weeks later from the last appointment we took Oliver up to Pendleton Gateway in Manchester to see a specialist dermatologist who was absolutely brilliant. He had no idea what it was but said it needs a biopsy due to the speed that it was growing. We also mentioned to him that Oliver had […]

My midwife signed me off around a month later and told me to consult with my health visitor if I was concerned about anything. When the health visitor came to see Oliver on the 21st April he told me to make an appointment with my GP to get Oliver’s leg checked did just that. Oliver […]

The 11th March 2016 my due date, I was so excited to meet my little bundle of joy. We didn’t know if we were going to be having a girl or a boy, it didn’t bother us as long as we had a healthy baby and that was all we wished for. 11 days over […]