• Long day waiting for an MRI

On the 13th April I had a call from the surgeon asking us to take Oliver in for an MRI on the 18th April with a follow up appointment the following Tuesday. The surgeon wanted Oliver to go in for a full body MRI and an MRI of the leg. She wanted to see how far the tumor had grown up the leg and if there is any chance they could save the growth plate at the base of the thighbone. This would mean that they would have to remove the mid section of his thighbone and connect the growth plate further up his leg. This would mean that Oliver’s stump would grow approximately 1cm a year, which would help when wearing prosthesis. Surgeons can do such wonderful thing and we are lucky that we are all born in this day in age.

They wanted to make sure Oliver did not have other nerve tumors in his body. This is not to say they wouldn’t appear in the future but they need to be sure before they go ahead and do surgery on his leg.

Having an above knee amputation is different to below in terms of recovery and rehabilitation. We were told its 70% harder to walk with an above knee prosthetic because of the knee joint. He would have a straight leg until he is around the age of 3 then he will get a knee joint. The orthopedic is keen on keeping as much of the leg as possible but unfortunately it all depends on the results from the MRI.


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