• Lump behind left knee before it was removed
  • Steadily growing

Around 6 weeks later from the last appointment we took Oliver up to Pendleton Gateway in Manchester to see a specialist dermatologist who was absolutely brilliant. He had no idea what it was but said it needs a biopsy due to the speed that it was growing. We also mentioned to him that Oliver had developed a lump behind his left knee that my mum had noticed a few months after Oliver was born. This had slowly been growing over the past couple of months I didn’t really think anything of it because it looked completely different to the one on his lower leg.

Oliver had the biopsy at the end of June. This consisted of a hole punch size piece of tissue been taken out of his leg and finished off with a coupe of stitches. Even that was hard enough to see Oliver go through. The results came back in August suggesting that it was a Congenital Neural Hamartoma (fascicular schwannoma). We had absolutely no idea what this was, not even the dermatologist had heard of this before but apparently it is a tumor or a mass of tumors that can grow along the sheath of nerves. Nothing prepares you for that first moment you hear the word ‘tumor’. I instantly felt pain, thinking about it brings me to tears. Your brain instantly goes on overdrive. Obviously nerves are found in every part of the body and it was hard not to over think things.

As much as my heart was hurting I felt relieved that I relentlessly pursued this for my baby Oliver. The specialist dermatologist had told us that he would have the histopathology looked at by his colleagues and urgently referred Oliver to the surgeon at Manchester Children’s Hospital. He also wanted an urgent MRI for Oliver in the September.

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