We had an appointment through for the 4th October to see the surgeon. She told us that they couldn’t say or do anything until the MRI. They don’t know the severity of the congenital Hamartoma in terms of nerves/blood vessels in his leg and how deep it is. Its not a case of removing it which we knew and they are not 100% sure they can remove it which would be an issue because it is enveloping/deforming his bone and so entwined with his leg tissue. There is also a prominent curve in his lower leg now as the tumor is reducing bone thickness and affecting his muscles on one side.

On the day of Oliver’s first MRI words couldn’t describe the way we were feeling seeing our 7 month of going through this. He had to be sedated for the MRI while they scanned his left leg and his head. They found raised nodules at the back of his neck and slight swelling so they needed to make sure it wasn’t connected. He was such a little angel, he is such a strong little boy he makes me so proud to be his mummy.

I received a phone call several weeks later to be told Oliver the lump behind his knee was the same tumor on his lower leg. I was absolutely devastated I couldn’t believe this was happening to my baby. The first thing I thought was has he got any more in his body?

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