• Tumour deforming bone
  • Side view of Oliver's leg
  • Tumour starting to bulk out

My midwife signed me off around a month later and told me to consult with my health visitor if I was concerned about anything. When the health visitor came to see Oliver on the 21st April he told me to make an appointment with my GP to get Oliver’s leg checked did just that.

Oliver had an appointment within a week, the doctor didn’t know what it was so referred Oliver to the pediatrician at Leighton Hospital. It was around the 10th May when we had an appointment with the pediatrician and these ‘dots’ on Oliver’s leg started swelling and more were appearing as small lumps under the surface of his skin. As I was already annoyed with the way we were getting passed around from consultant to consultant, I was extremely assertive with the pediatrician and there was no way I was going to leave until I would see another consultant. I had a feeling something didn’t feel right and it was haunting me from those few days after I gave birth to Oliver. Sometimes you have know as a mother that something is wrong and don’t be afraid to question even the experts when you feel that something isn’t quite right.

Eventually, Oliver was referred to a dermatologist at Leighton Hospital. I thought to myself that finally we are getting somewhere not to my knowledge that they would ‘again’ tell me my baby had a ‘birthmark’. My heart sank at this point. I just thought to myself this can not be happening again. The dermatologist got her colleague from the room next door and she looked at it and thought exactly the same. She also told me there is ‘no need for him to have a biopsy’. Whilst this was unfolding, I had another nurse come into the room telling me to ‘forget it’s on his leg’. At this point you could have imagined how I felt. I was in tears arguing my point that this was not just a ‘birthmark’. I had all the pictures of what it first looked like and this rapid growth was not normal. I felt like no one was taking me seriously, no one was listening to me. I practically begged for Oliver to be seen by a specialist but I wasn’t going to give up on him!

A few weeks later we received a letter stating that Oliver was to be seen by a specialist consultant based in Manchester. Thank goodness someone up there was looking over us!

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