• Oliver at home 2 days after he was born
  • Just a few hours old
  • Our little cutey chilling

The 11th March 2016 my due date, I was so excited to meet my little bundle of joy. We didn’t know if we were going to be having a girl or a boy, it didn’t bother us as long as we had a healthy baby and that was all we wished for.

11 days over my due date on the 22nd March 2016, I gave birth to our special little boy. I was overjoyed and never prepared myself for this moment. It was the best moment of our lives; no one can explain that feeling, seeing your baby for the first time. I was so thankful and grateful to be blessed with such a precious little boy. We named him Oliver Nicholas Price. We had debated over what names we would pick for many months, but had always settled on Nicholas for his middle name as this was going to be the name of my mum’s first child, which sadly was still born.

As well as my husband I had my mum in the delivery room, she is not just my mum but also my best friend so it was important for her to be with me for this special occasion. I knew her first move would be to check Oliver over whilst the midwife was weighing him. She noticed Oliver’s foot was bent right up to the tibia and that it had 2 small red dots/patches on his lower left leg consequently and asked the midwife what these were. My mum knew they didn’t look ‘normal’ and the midwife passed this off as a ‘birthmark’ and I didn’t think anything of it until I got home and a few days later when my mum mentioned it again.

Oliver was checked over by the midwife and doctor and the next day and we were able to go home shortly after. It was a week later and I saw the midwife, they checked Oliver over again and they thought he was perfectly fine. My mum knew there was something wrong with his left leg and the more she mentioned it the more I thought it didn’t look right and I certainly didn’t think it looked like a birthmark! Out of curiosity as you do, I went on to ‘Google’ (the worst thing to do), I know! It was the only way to prove this wasn’t just a ‘birthmark’

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