Our story so far

Welcome, My name is Hayley Price, wife to my wonderful husband and mummy to my special beautiful little boy, Oliver.

I want to share our story with you about our little boy Oliver, but firstly I would like to let you know why I am writing this blog and telling you about my little boys journey over the past year.

Over the past 10 months I have been searching everywhere to try and find someone who has or knows someone who may have had such an aggressive form of plexiform schwannoma. The tumor Oliver has is branching up his leg and only 5 cases have been recorded in literature. It is such an overwhelming, lonely feeling knowing that your child is going through something as unexplained as this and I just want to reach out and inspire anyone who is going through a life changing experience with their child.

The day we met our little boy was the most special day of our lives, little did we know that it was also the beginning of a long, difficult road ahead.

At birth, unbeknownst to us apart from a small red patch, Oliver had what we now know as a plexiform schwannoma’s (nerve tumors) rapidly growing in his left leg. Oliver had a few tumors, one behind his knee that was removed 20th January 2017 but unfortunately came back and the other two tumors on his lower leg. One of these tumors is wrapping around his bone whilst the other is sitting below the surface of his skin. Oliver’s bone is deformed due to the tumor and because of this we where told there is no other option other than to amputate.

Oliver had an above knee amputation on the 2nd June 2017. Unfortunately this type of tumor can, as we were told ‘pop’ up anywhere on the nerves in Oliver’s body at any time even though Oliver’s leg has been removed.

We will be writing regular blogs to keep you posted and we hope you will enjoy his stories following the life of an amputee, in his footsteps.

We have also  set up a crowd funding page through JustGiving. See the link below. Thank you for all your support! 


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