• Oliver using his walker for the first time

It’s the 1st June the day before the operation and after waiting for a tedious long week to pass (or what its felt like) Oliver is due to go into hospital this afternoon. I feel a mix of emotions, leaving my house knowing when we return Oliver wont have his leg breaks my heart. We left the house around 12pm and we went straight to a side room where Oliver stayed whilst he was in hospital. A couple of doctors came in to monitor Oliver throughout the day to make sure he was ready for the operation tomorrow and the anaethetist checked his chest and ears were clear, which thankfully they were!

At 11.30pm they decided to do his bloods and as you can imagine he wasn’t a happy little boy. I told the nurse they couldn’t usually find a vein so they normally find a specialist, obviously they didn’t listen to me! What do I know hey, I’m only his mum! So they spent 30mins messing around trying to find a vein then finally they went to get someone.

Mum and me went into the sensory room when Oliver had fallen asleep, it’s just nice to have a bit of your own space especially when you’re in hospital. My mum is my saviour, my inspiration and my best friend she is there for me whenever I need her. She been through such a traumatic experience herself she can relate and knows how it feels so go through a life changing experience. My mum stayed upstairs in the ICU accommodation for the first night and my husband Joe stayed at Ronald McDonald House just outside of the hospital.

I spent the night just looking at pictures of Oliver and his leg, its held him back from doing things that he could do but its still his, its still part of him and I love every part of him bad and good. I just wish it didn’t have to take away his leg.


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